Atomic Blocks: A new way to build with WordPress

Soon, WordPress will undergo some pretty big changes to the content editor. The way we create posts and pages will be far different from the way we have been doing things. The new editor is currently called Gutenberg, or simply the new block editor, and is scheduled to be released in WordPress 5.0. Are you ready to start working with the new Gutenberg editor yet? Let’s take a closer look!

Instead of being restricted to paragraph tags, shortcodes and the like, the new editor works by having you create posts and pages with “blocks.” Blocks can be any form of content from paragraphs, to images and galleries, to columns and everything in between. The block model opens up the WordPress editor to become a much more dynamic page building tool. Imagine being able to build an entirely unique page layout within the core WordPress editor.

Some of the blocks we’re launching in Atomic Blocks.

There are certainly some WordPress plugins out there that are doing exactly that already. But to have that capability in WordPress itself opens up a ton of opportunity for developers to create more awesome products and for users to create more awesome websites.

We here at Array Themes are excited about the Gutenberg editor’s potential to improve the content creating experience in WordPress! We can think of a million different things to do with Gutenberg blocks and look forward to experimenting further with the new editor.

To kick things off, we’ve developed the Atomic Blocks plugin and theme to help you get started working with the new editor and creating new blocks! Both the theme and plugin have been developed in tandem to work together seamlessly with the new Gutenberg block editor.

Following Gutenberg News

To help you keep track of the state of the Gutenberg editor, we’ve launched a new site called Gutenberg News and a matching Twitter feed. On Gutenberg News, you’ll find links to tutorials, code snippets, videos, plugin examples, and more. We’re adding content for both users and developers, so there’s something for everyone to learn. You can also subscribe to our weekly digest, where we’ll send you an email every Friday with the content we’ve found throughout the week.

Have you tried Gutenberg yet? If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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