EDD Marketplace Bundle

This is a demo. If you’d like to purchase this bundle, please see the links below.

Checkout was designed to integrate seamlessly with the Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace bundle. With this bundle of extensions, you can turn your website into a full-fledge digital marketplace with multiple authors, a review system, recommended products and more!. The bundle is valued at $369 but priced at just $199. That’s a total savings of $170!

Included with the bundle are 7 extensions with individual price tags ranging from $29 all the way up to $83. The extensions included are:

  • Commissions
  • Wish Lists
  • Frontend Submissions
  • Reviews
  • Points and Rewards
  • Social Login
  • Recommended Products

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  • Includes 7 extensions
  • Start your own marketplace
  • Save almost $200