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Most photographers end up owning several camera bags. This is because a camera bag is not an all-purpose holdall for containing ones entire collection of equipment, but a transport medium for the equipment necessary for a particular shoot.

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With the exception of single camera bags, which are generally bought with the camera/lens combination, these types come in a variety of sizes, from a bag which can hold a camera, one lens and a flashgun, to a bag which can hold two deep ‘Pro’ bodies and a variety of pro lenses. Bags of this kind quickly become too heavy to carry any distance, and may cause back problems.

A bag for all your things

Photographic equipment can also be carried in coats and jackets, such as a Barbour jacket. Although less common than they once were, many photographers prefer a photovest, which has many pockets suitable for lenses. Photovests offer little direct protection to equipment, but rely on the mobility of the user for protection. Photovests offer the greatest level of access to equipment, but are the least discrete.

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  1. Mike McAlister

    I loved this camera bag! It fit right into my backpack, allowing me to have a multi-function bag for any occasion.

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