About Publisher

Curate an eclectic scrapbook of photos, videos, audio and more with Publisher. Featuring a responsive, masonry-style layout, Publisher looks just as good on your mobile device as it does on the desktop.


Publisher was meticulously designed and developed with simplicity and usability in mind. Every pixel and line of code has been researched and scrutinized, resulting in one of the neatest, leanest, standards-driven themes out there.

Viewport Friendly

screensPublisher is responsive, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. Because of the percentage-based layout, the design will adapt to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity. All aspects of Publisher have been optimized for web and mobile visitors.

Publish Your Portfolio

portfolioYou can easily use Publisher as a dedicated portfolio for your images, video and galleries. Utilizing Featured Images and Galleries, you can create an impressive collection of mixed media to show off your skills.

Post Formats

formatsPublisher supports a few post formats including Standard, Image, and Quote. Each post format is styled to emphasize the various types of content. The result is a unique, cohesive, cascading display of images, galleries, video, quotes and more.

Unique Post and Page Backgrounds

colorsIf you add a Featured Image to any post or page, the image used will be used as a custom background image for the page. Publisher will take the Featured Image and display it as a transparent, grayscale, full-width image as the background of the post or page. This gives each page a unique depth and texture. Check out the effect on a few of the Publisher posts.

Customize the background even further with a custom background color, which provides a great, subtle accent color for your site.